Full Moon, once again.

After more than a year of tracking Alex’s behavior during and days before the full moon, I have confirmed that he indeeed reacts very strongly to it. Last month’s full moon went a lot smoother than it has been for very long. As I have mentioned before Alex was on a powder called diatomaceous earth for the worm issue. He was on it from January full moon till after February’s full moon. This was the very first time in a very long time that Alex was able to sleep through the night, stay dry during the night Alex is fully potty trained but during the full moon for some reason he wets his bed). So I would have to say this worm powder sure did it’s job last month, we were only going to keep him on it for 4 weeks so like I said before we stopped after last month’s full moon. I have been nervous about this months full moon, like many other ASD parents you know how tough this days can be. I spoke to our acupuncturist about this issue also, and she decided last Saturday to use a needle on a point in Alex’s head that targets the bed wetting problem. And believe it or not Alex hasb been staying dry this past few night, I know the full moon is until tomorrow but the prior months Alex would have been having rpobelms with this by now. He was awake on Monday night for about an hour or two, so then Tuesday night I decided to give something Melody (acupuncture) had recommended. She told me that if Alex was having trouble sleeping to put his feet (ankle depth) in cold water for a minute or two, than dry them and warm them with a towel or blanket and put him to sleep after this. I tried this Tuesday night   and it worked beautifully,  he went to bed at 8pm and woke up at about 6am the next morning went potty and went right back to sleep till 10am. Success if you ask me. Last night we soaked his feet in water again, hoping it would help him sleep through the night. He woke up at 3am on the dot, lucky for us all he wanted to do was jump in our bed, as soon as he got under our covers he was asleep, he woke up again today at 10am once again. So judging by our past experiences with the full moon and the last two I think we are doing much better, hopefully the next 3 days (full moon from 18-21st)  are as good as this past few days.  

Regarding Alex’s water issue I can say it’s truly getting better, even his teachers have noticed that he is not complaining about washing his hands, and we have noticed showers are better too. His hyperactivity is gone also, he has been very good the last couple of days, all week we have been getting good reports from his teachers, today is not so good though. From 10am to noon he did good, his apetitte has been a little small today but other than that he was ok. We got ready for school and left the house, but as soon as we got to school he lost it. He started screaming (really, that high pitched scream that leaves your ears ringing minutes after it’s over), he refused to go into his classroom, and could not tell me what he wanted nor needed. His teacher joined us outside the classroon and offered Alex a few options of what he could do, reading, or snack, Alex picked neighter. I then asked him if he just wanted to go back home and he agreed. His teacher and I talked about what could be happening to him today, but came up with mothing. Yesterday he had an awesome day, he was smiling from ear to ear and had an amazing day at school. His teacher even said to me yesterday, “Lucy who is this kid you brough to school today?”. Very sad that today was not the same, days liek this truly take a toll on me, its so hard to see him doing so good for a while and then we have a setback. I know we have all experienced this  but I also know that it still hurts when it happens. Once home I told Alex to take a nap, he was screaming and yawing at the same time so I though a nap was the best thing for him and my sanity.  It took him a bit to finally fall asleep but thank god he did, my poor baby was having such a hard time, don’t even ask how I felt. Watching him go through this sure kills me inside, all I can do is think that all this will pass, all this is just getting us closer to recovery, full recovery. I wish there was another way of doing this but there isn’t, all I know is that this will end, I now it will.

Hopefully the next few days are not so tough on him, I hate to see him struggle, I was so happy about his last few days.Seeing him struggle is very hard for me, I hope that I can find the strenght in me to help him get through this. I pray for patience and strengh daily, god and my faith will help me get through our day.

Full Moon, once again.

2 thoughts on “Full Moon, once again.

    1. Thanks Amy: Days like this sure do suck but we have to be strong and just keep going. Alex woke up a lot better after his 3 hour nap so I think t helped. Not sure what was happening, maybe just part of the clearing process. Poor baby, I hope he feels better tomorrow, the things our kids have to go through Amy. I wish I could take this all away and put it all on me if necessary, I would do it in a heart beat, anything for my kids, anything.

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