DTaP 30C week/round two

Since our last post (Friday) Alex has been doing great for the most part. He’s still making lots of great sounds, asking and telling us things using actual words, trying to pronounce new words and sounds, seems like his speech is truly emerging now. These past few days we had lots of new things to deal with, moving, an autism walk and the DTaP clearing which is causing lots of physical issues.

Saturday Alex had a very good day, not as hungry as usual but overall a great day. He spent most of the day with grandma and auntie while I moved things with dad. Thankfully we had help form 3 awesome warrior mommas and our best friend, being that I’m almost 6 months pregnant they offered to help me pack and wouldn’t let me do this on my own. While I was gone my mom reported that Alex make great communication choices,very calm and peaceful and seemed very happy and content at his now home.

Sunday: we woke up early to go to the autism walk. This is our 4th year being part of this walk which helps us raise funds for Alex’s treatment. Not very many people showed up to support us but the ones that did made this day very special. Every year we do the walk and come home thereafter, Alex never wants to stay and get on the rides so we just go back home. This year was very different though. Alex wanted to stay and get on lots of rides, I couldn’t believe it when I saw him running around the park with Luis wanting to ride everything!!! Alex waited so patiently till it was his turn to go down the slide, the train, the carousel, and so many more rides. Alex smiled from ear to ear as he went down the slide, seeing him so happy was priceless. All day long he had an amazing time playing and holding dads hand as they explored around the park. We were able to raise a little over $600 dollars which will come in so handy specially since I have many new plans for Alex!

Monday: yesterday was a bit more hectic than the weekend was for us. Alex woke up and didn’t seem himself, he was happy one moment and super angry the next. When he’s ABA therapist came to see him he had a little bit of an issue adjusting to the new room and setting at my moms house. I couldn’t pin point what the issue was so I started to think what I could do to help him. I know we were instructed to dose Tuberculinum on Saturdays if needed so that’s what I did. But before I did this I gave Alex a vial of Isotonic and Alex was calm within minutes. I was so impressed with the power that isotonic has on him, he was able to finish his ABA session after that. About an hour later I gave him a dose of tub 1M. The rest of our day was pretty uneventful and much better than our morning. Sleep has been an issue for the past two nights which I’m totally bummed about. I’m not sure if the move and his new room at my moms house is causing this little sleep disturbance. I’m just hoping we could get back on track with the sleep and be able to sleep through the night again. At bedtime Alex got his 3rd dose of DTaP 30c, once again and lastly an isotonic vial which has been our routine for about a week now.

Tuesday: I’m happy to say that sleep was much better last night, he woke up to go potty and back to bed he went. Much better than this weekend for sure, gosh I hope this keeps getting better.

Soon after Alex woke up I noticed he seemed sick, his eyes were very puffy and sad looking, he was warm to the touch, was also coughing and sneezing a lot. As the day went on I could tell he was a lot more congested and started to show signs of a runny nose. All day long he kept getting worse and worse, at about 4pm I noticed he was burning up. I quickly took all his clothes off and let his body work through the fever and all the other symptoms he was exhibiting. It sucks to see him so down but I know it’s a sign that the DTaP clearing is doing its thing. Last time we cleared DTaP his reaction was much bigger so this time around I’m prepared for whatever comes our way. I gave Alex isotonic through out the day, I felt he needed some support and isotonic seemed to be a good choice.

Alex is in bed now, getting him there has not been an issue at all lately. Keeping him asleep through the night is difficult but putting him to bed has been a breeze. I’m taking every little improvement we get and smiling as we go. The words keep coming and I couldn’t be happier with Alex’s progress this last week. Words can’t express how thankful and blessed I am to be able to finally hear my baby’s voice. Ive worked so hard to get to this point, it’s great being where we are today!





DTaP 30C week/round two

2 thoughts on “DTaP 30C week/round two

  1. I’m a little behind with reading, so I have to catch up, sorry for this, Lucy. The post made me smile, it’s nice to see growing after all. Lovely pictures with happy kids, and the little girl got herself a horse, didn’t she?😀

    1. Yes she did! This is an autism dog, trained to withstand anything! Even little girls like Julie who think they’re horses!!!

      Alex is making amazing progress and I couldn’t be happier:) I’ve been at this journey for 3 years now and I’m happy to say we get closer and closer to the light at the end of the tunnel!

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