Hoping for more days like these!


The past few days have been amazing, the kids are loving grandmas house, Alex is talking daily, the sun has finally started to shine, what more could I ask for?

Speech: Alex has made tremendous progress with speech in the past two weeks, it’s as if someone finally connected his speech cables and off he went. He’s saying all sorts of things, things that come up in our day. For instance yesterday me and Alex got up early and dropped off my moms dog at the vet. Alex was such a sweet heart the whole car ride there, he looked around, name things he saw, like the bus, fire fighter (sign), etc. Once at the vet he was very quite and even greeted a gentlemen sitting next to us. He sat very patiently waiting for our turn to take “Tiny” (dogs name) in to see the vet. Finally our name was called and we were able to take tiny in and then go back home. On our way out Alex kept looking back and before we got to the door he stopped and said “mom, tiny”. I was pleasantly surprised that he was showing interest and compassion for the dog as he thought we were forgetting him!!! I explained to him that tiny needed to stay as he was having surgery (neutered) and that we would pick him up later. Alex wasn’t all convinced with my explanation but left happily nonetheless. On the way home he asked for tiny again and when we got home, I have to say I’m very proud of my boy!

ABA: soon after we got home yesterday Alex had an ABA session. I was eager for his therapist to hear all his new words. He did awesome at their activities until the iPad comes into the picture. He loves his electronics like I’ve said before so waiting his turn on the iPad is hard but something he has to learn to do sooner or later. Other than a scream or two over the iPad Alex did amazing, his therapist was very impressed with his ability to articulate words he couldn’t say before and all his new words. When he was mad about the iPad he even screamed out to her “my turn!” which she was very excited to hear! He still had to work for it but it’s awesome to see him speaking:)

Dtap 30C/week 3: we are staying on the 30C potency for another week. Since Alex had so many physical reactions to it we are keeping him on 30C this week to see if we see more changes or reactions. Last night I gave him his remedy (dtap 30c) and this morning he’s coughing a lot, has a stuffy nose, and seems congested again. He’s calm and has little breaks of stimming which I’m thinking he does/needs to do to release some sort of energy/anxiety trapped in his body. He’s getting up to jump around at least 2-3 times an hour but it’s episodes that last seconds, nothing too bad. All this tells me we are not done with this potency just yet. I have to say I’m happy we’re repeating this clearing, it gave us amazing results last year and I’m praying for more great results this time around.

Bedtime: for the past two nights we’ve found a bedtime routine that makes Alex and me very happy. Alex has been a kid that loves deep pressure since he
Regressed. On Sunday night we gave him a shower, skipping washing his hair to make it some what pleasant for him. When I was getting him dressed I noticed he was very tired and thought why not give Alex a massage on his legs. I grabbed our Burt’s bees ointment and started massaging Alex’s legs. He was so calm and peaceful while I was doing this. He even gave me his legs as he wanted me to switch legs, at the same time he was falling asleep. Closing his eyes slowly as I went, I kept having peaceful and calming thoughts as I massaged his legs. Last night we repeated the same routine and Alex fell asleep as peacefully as he did Sunday night. I’m sticking to this routine as long as it works for us, anything to make sleeping a good and peaceful experience for Alex. He’s also getting a vial of Isotonic nightly, which he will be on for the next few weeks until we get to our 2 month mark, from there we move onto Hypertonic. Hooray for a peaceful bedtime routine!

As Of today I can confidently say my son is talking, he’s healing more and more daily and I know soon he’ll be telling us much more. All morning he’s been asking me for hugs which ill never get tired of doing. I’m the happiest momma on the block if not in the world. Alex’s voice makes my faith and hope a million times stronger, his voice heals my broken heart. A heart that broke into countless pieces when he was diagnosed, a heart that’s been in pain ever since. Every time he talks I feel like a piece of my heart is returned to its place, putting this broken heart together one word at a time. Keep talking my boy, keep healing mommas heart.



Hoping for more days like these!

10 thoughts on “Hoping for more days like these!

  1. Puja says:

    Hi, remember me! puja from india, 5-6 months back I asked u about ur CEASE therapist, and u told me about ursula . Last week we started my son (Sidharth- 4 yrs 6months) therapy with ursula , you blog post inspires me a lot, I read each post and wait fr ur new post eagerly. I am very happy to hear Alex recovery, may god bless him and give u more strength to go on….. Best wishes

    1. Thats great Puja, I’m so glad you started CEASE for your son. I’m hoping he will have lots of healing and reach his full potential. This road is hard and slow but it’s the road to recovery so we have to travel it, no other option. Keep the fight my fellow mother warrior, keep the fight and you’ll find the end of the Journey some day. That day your son will be free and you will be the happiest mommy ever:)

  2. Jessica says:

    I really enjoy reading about all of the wonderful progress your son is making. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! We just started classical homeopathy with my son, but I am strongly considering CEASE. I am hearing so many wonderful things about it. Here’s to health, hope & recovery!

    1. Thanks so much Jessica, I am honored and blessed to be able to share my son’s recovery with anyone who is willing to listen! I wish you all the best with classical homeopathy, may that give you the results you dream off. And its also great that you know CEASE is here also. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you:)

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