Family Portrait

 Family  Portrait session March/ 2011


My son is my light.
The 2 most important men in my life.
finally a family portrait, god is good!
My little Peanut
Momma Loves you more than words could say!
Our wild, free spirited little Princess.
Since they would not cooperate, we thought why not hang them upside down.
Too precious for words.
And the craziness countinues .........
Trying to get this little woman to cooperate was quite tricky
Our little Munchkins Bloopers:)
This picture is by far my favorite one of me and Luis.This picture was supposed to be of me and Luis, but Alex decided to join us, and I am glad he did.Now Julie's turn.
Our turn now.Mr and Mrs Partida
This picture is super funny, we were supposed to tell each other a joke, as you can see the jokes were very funny.


6 years and counting.......

14 thoughts on “Family Portrait

    1. Thanks dear, this photos are so special to me. Even since Julie was born, (19 months ago) I have been dreaming of a family portrait. We tried a few months ago ( or maybe 2-3 times already) with no success😦

      Thank god for homeopathy and acupuncture this time it was possible!

    1. Amy: find a person who an go to your house like I did. It’s much smoother (somewhat:) this way, after our session and even while we were taking pics, the kids would run around and that’s when me and Luis took out photos, then yet would reappear:)

  1. Thanks that is exactly what I had in mind. Found a great guy locally,he did the head shots for our oldest son who is an actor, dancer and singer. It is just a matter of money. All in good(God’s) time.

    1. So much talent in just one person! Wow, you must be so proud Amy! We have very unique children that’s for sure, my Julie has a god given talent to make anyone smile. She’s so goofy, when I ask her if she’s silly she will nods her head ” yes”. She’s too much:)

      Hopefully soon you can find the extra bucks to have your session done, I know for my portraits all the money in the world would come close to the value they mean to me. 19 months dreaming about this portrait and finally, god made my wish come true.

      Sending lots of hugs, kisses, and healing energy your way:)

    1. Thanks Janice, this pictures are our trophy and symbol of our unity. We have worked so hard the last 2yrs to recover Alex and now we see amazing and truly blessed results. Wishes do come true Janice, wishes do come true!

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