Autism Diagnosis

As many of you know hearing the word autism is to most, one of the worst experiences if not the worst experience of our lifes. When we received Alex’s diagnosis we were in very bad place in our lives. My husband Luis had lost his job December of 2008. April of this same year we had purchased our first home, something that we were so proud of. I was only 25 and he was 26 years old, we both felt we were ahead of the game. He had a really good job, paid great money which allowed us to buy the house. We had a beautiful son, you could say we were living the American Dream. Our dream only lasted about 8 months, because of the economy crashing. Luis was laid off two weeks before Christmas, great timing right? So there we were standing in a house that we had no idea how we would pay. I was about 3 month months pregnant with our second child, Julianna. So needless to say it was not a good situation. I told Luis why don’t we leave to my god mothers house for Christmas and figure out what will do after that. Christmas came and went, New Years was here and now its time to face the truth. We had to go back home and figure out how we would pay for our mortgage, how we would feed Alex, how would we survive.  Luis would be receiving an unemployment check but that wouldn’t be sufficient for everything we needed to pay. After a long conversation we decided to stay a little longer since I wanted to see other doctors about Alex’s behavior.

I have seen 2 pediatricians already regarding Alex’s regression. Two of which I stopped seeing already because they were not listening to my concerns about Alex. I kept telling them something was wrong but no one would listen. The pediatrician I took Alex to for the first year of his life always told me Alex was developing great, ahead in many developmental milestones, that he would be a very tall man and that he was a bright little boy. I remember like it was yesterday when he told me “Lucy you are doing an awesome job at raising this child” I agreed with him. I never missed an appointment, I took him to get his vaccinations right on time like it was a religion I needed to follow. I kept up with every appointment and called his office at every single concern I had, never letting my baby suffer or so I thought.

The second doctor I saw was at the time another pediatrician Luis’s aunt had recommended, she also took my concerns and dumped them in the garbage can in her office. I kept telling her I think something is wrong with Alex, he is not the same. He doesn’t talk which is weird because all the other kids his age have words already, he wont respond to his name at times and is forgetting things he knew already. Long story short she didn’t listen to me, She said he wasn’t talking because he lived in a bilingual home or because he was a boy,I asked her to refer us to Early Intervention and her answer was lets wait until his 2 1/2yrs old, Alex was 18months at the time.

I scheduled a visit with the OB-GYN I saw during my pregnancy with Alex. at the appointment she took one look at Alex and said ” You are right Lucy, something is not ok”. She gave us a referral to see a developmental pediatrician, but that would take 6-12 months. They had a ridiculously long waiting list, I couldn’t wait months to see a doctor I needed an answer now. I called around until I found the Early Intervention program. They came to our house to evaluate him within a week. I anxiously waited for the day of our appointment, I had so many questions i needed answers to. About 15 minutes into the visit i asked them, ” does Alex has autism?”. The two women looked at each other and in that instant I knew my suspicions were right. I then heard “Yes your son has Autism” my life completely stopped. Life as I knew was over. I was 6 months pregnant by this time, Luis still unemployed and now our son had autism. What else could go wrong I asked my self, what else? I will be brutally honest when I say that the first thing that came to mind was Why? Why Me? Why Alex? Why God? Why? What had I done to deserve this? And if this was a punishment, punish me bit leave my son out of it. I felt this was a punishment that I didn’t deserve, that Alex didn’t deserve. I was very mad at God, I thought he had done this to hurt me. Hearing that your child will probably never speak, never look at you in the eyes, never graduate from high school, never say I love you,that kills you. It kills you inside, its like being alive while inside you are dead. Nothing else mattered nor had meaning or purpose to me. The whole world could collapse and I could give two cents about it. I cried for days, it seemed like eternity to me, living was not something I wanted to do anymore. The joy of being pregnant with my precious little Princess was gone. I no longer saw joy in life, life was painful, life was a punishment to me. I wanted to run away and never look back, I wanted this to be a nightmare, a horrible nightmare. People kept talking to me but words would just go passed me, I was not listening, I was dead. Everything I wanted for my son was no longer going to be possible, no HOPE was given to me, nothing, just a diagnosis that I knew nothing about. And not knowing killed me, the things I did know about autism were scary and nothing to look forward to. I had seen a commercial about it, but never paid real attention to it. I guess I was going to learn about it the hard way, a way I would never forget. Looking at Alex was torture, I would call his name just to prove that he would look at me, that he was fine, those women were crazy, my son was perfectly fine. Alex only proved them right by not even moving when I called his name. He had no eye contact like those women said, he didn’t respond to his name, he had autism and I was dead. My precious boy was sick and I had no idea how to help him. They didn’t offer too much help, to them autism was a life long disability. He could make progress but that would only happen IF it happened with time. We were on our own. All they recommended was reading about autism and to be strong. Strong huh? Easier said then done if you ask me. To me life as I knew it was over. There was nothing to live for, my son was sick and if there is nothing I can do to help him then what is life worth? I wanted to hear him call me mom, I wanted him to have friends and be able to live a great life. I wanted Alex to be happy and cheerful, I wanted him to have the life I wish I had. I was going to devote my life to make him happy, because to me if he wasn’t happy I could not be happy. Being his mom was the reason why I woke up everyday and smiled, he was the reason I lived. How would I go on with my life if he was not going to be a part of it? He was not going to be able to enjoy life, all he wanted to do is be alone, Alex didn’t want to be around people, when people would go see him in his room he would shove the door in their face. He wanted nothing to do with others , he was happy in his room alone while I died slowly, very very slowly. I was not going to be able to live if I didn’t find a way to undo this. I knew it could change this because he was not born like this. I asked myself “How could someone go from developing ahead of others and now he is not there?” As far as I understood autism was a neurological condition, this would mean that he was not mentally there? I didn’t really know what that meant. I could not stand to think that my baby was mentally not there, I imagined me feeding him for the rest of my life, changing his diaper forever, him living and be taken care of by me until I took my last breath. That was not the life I wanted for him, can you imagine this?

God could not have possibly be doing this to him, or me, there had to be something I could do. I was not going to stop until I found it, I was not going to live like this, hopeless. I have never been the one to give up, I always found a way out and a way up, this would not be the exception. I said to myself ” Ok Lucy you have always said you are not a quitter, well here is your chance to prove it, here is your chance to prove to yourself, you are a STRONG WOMAN, a MOTHER and that together was going to be enough to get Alex out of this”. I finally got out of my room and was ready to face the world. A world where I knew I could find HOPE, a world that was not going to let me down, nor let Alex suffer the rest of his life. I set out on my mission, a mission where failure was not an option. Failure would mean loosing my happiness, loosing my life and loosing my son. That was something I was not willing to do, not as long as I lived. I was going to find a way to recover Alex even if that took my life, I was going to find that cure no matter how long it took, I was not going to give up, never have before, can’t afford to now.

26 thoughts on “Autism Diagnosis

  1. Gloria says:

    Have you tried Vitamin C – to bowel tolerance, Activated Carbon or Flagyl for the dye-off ? It was recommended for my daughter’s dysbiosis treatment for the dye-off symptoms. I only used the Vitamin C and it seemed to work.

    Gloria, Caguas PR

    1. Gloria: I started the Vit C back up yesterday, I am hoping it helps him deal with the die-off, I guess I forgot to mention, ooops. thanks so much for the tip, I am always very grateful for other mom’s advice! You know very well how helpful this can be, thanks again for the tip and for visiting our blog!

  2. Your story touched my heart. My grandson of 9 is starting today with the CEASE-therapy, he was diagnostic as PDD-nos, and I see a lot of simular behavior with Alex. We have seen him glide away into his own world for a few years now, and now it’s time to step deeper into the problem. Thank you for sharing your and Alex’ path with us and keep faith in his progress.

    1. Angels whisper: thank you so much for taking the time to stop by our blog, I’m honored. Sharing Alex’s story was something I wanted to do so others could see there’s hope for our children. So many parents don’t know about alternative therapies and I was hoping to touch a few lives by sharing Alex’s recovery story.

      CEASE therapy has been a god sent for Alex, it’s healed him in ways I’ve been praying for for so long. He’s eating better, understand language, learning to read and write, it’s been HUGE! I truly believe every child with autism could benefit from this healing therapy. So happy to get your grandson is on his way, you and your daughter will be very happy. The process isn’t easy nor fast by any means but it works! Nothing in the autism life is easy but working on recovery is the ultimate ticket out. We’ve been at it for almost 3 years now, and Alex has made amazing progress along the way. Keep updating me on your grandsons progress please, I’ll keep him in my prayers!

      1. Thank you, Luci, for your kind reply. We also have trust in healing with CEASE. My grandson, Donovan, has been treated with Classic Homeopathy ever since he was about 7 or 9 month, after his second DTKP-vaccination. Our homeopath had told us about the harm of vaccination, but, like so many others, we thought it was bounded, at least they made you believe it was.
        Reading your story among others, makes us believe that there is still hope. I’ll keep you updating, and I also think about writing Donovan’s story in my blog in Dutch, because my English isn’t good enough. God bless you abundantly.

      2. Your English is perfect, I Can understand you perfectly:)

        You know writing our kids stories does spread hope to others, you should totally do it! I couldn’t understand Dutch so please keep me posted on how Donovan responds. I’ll be paying lots for him, also the dtap the vaccine was a major impact on Alex he reacted horribly to it. clearing it gave us amazing results!

        Il pray that you see great results also:)

    1. Angels whisper: do u have an appointment with a CEASE therapist already? Sorry if you have told me this before, my mind is so everywhere!!! Being a mother is hard on a brain ya know! Lol

      If so I want to know all about it, I’m so curious to see what your grandsons first clearing will be!

      1. I know exactly what you mean, Lucy, also my brains are working overtime😀
        Donovan has already started 2 weeks ago with Saccharum album C 500 given by our homeopath. He is a good homeopath, only not a CEASE-therapist. After searching we found one, and last monday he had his first appointement and started with high dosed DKTP. Sorry, I forgot which dose, but my daughter told me he was reacting very irritated, angry and hyperactive, but the next day when I took him out of school, he was really very sweet. Today he will get his second dose, and I’m very curious how he will react further. I’ll let you know how everything improves.
        I hope everything is still ok with Alex, and I wish you a Happy Easter-weekend:)

      2. Alex is doing better thankfully, lets keep our fingers crossed that it sticks:)

        DKTP? Is this another version on the American DTaP? Like I’ve said before that clearing was amazing for Alex so I’ll be praying it’s as great for Donovan! Keep me posted:)

      3. DKTP is simular at DTaP, besides the P that stands for Poliomyelitis. Pertussis is our K. D is also Diphtheria and T = Tetanus.
        I have faith it will work out fine for the children:)

  3. Amy says:

    Good morning! I love your site. My son, Bradley, 7 PPD-NOS and non-verbal (at the moment) has been doing the GF/CF for a couple of years but hasn’t really seen that much improvement, but of course I’m scared to take him off. We do have a homopath (seeing her again in 2 weeks) and she has him on B12, probiotics, folate and L-Carnitine. She likes to move slowly and will add and subtract things as we go along. Can you tell me some of the things you have tried and have worked? I know you mentioned Floride Cleaning. I’ll google it, because I’ve never heard of it. I have a friend who’s child is similar to Brad and she just started using Phosphorous and has said his wild behavior has calmed down significantly. But, as we all know, each child is different! My biggest concern is speech and his incredible mood swings. And now that he’s 7, he’s getting bigger and stronger and that, too, concerns me. I want to find a solution now. I also have a 5 yr old daughter, typical kid, and she wants to learn karate to fend herself off from her brother. So, you can understand where I’m coming from. I look forward to hearing from you. I have a website, too, but have not updated it since last September. Someone created it for me and gave me one lesson so I’ve forgotten how to update. I’ll figure it out. But it’s a wordpress site, too.

    1. Hi Amy, I’m so happy you found us. What we do is CEASE therapy, that’s how we’re clearing (detoxing) Alex from fluoride. His pediatrician recommended a fluoridated water for Alex When he was a baby, I didn’t know this was a HORRIBLE idea back then, I trusted the pediatrician knew better well you know the rest. So now we are clearing Alex from fluoride with CEASE therapy. We’ve cleared vaccines also which has made a world of a difference in Alex.

      Have you read about CEASE therapy yet? I have a link to the CEASE website here and also have a tab labeled CEASE where I write Alex’s progress as we do the clearings. Alex was vaccine injured so CEASE made the most sense and has been our golden ticket out of autism. If you think vaccines, antibiotics, meds you might have taken while pregnant, etc, all this can be cleared (detox) therefore reversing the damage caused by them. It’s super interesting and effective, you use all homeopathic forms of vaccine remedies, support remedies and even a constitutional along with the clearings if needed. Our CEASE therapist and homeopath is Sima Ash, she’s in California and we connect via Skype, phone and email. She’s amazing and I recommend her 100% if you decide to give CEASE a try.

      Diet is a MAJOR part of recovery as well, I would say stay in GFCF until your son no longer is effected by gluten, and really even then gluten isn’t good for us anyways so it’s best of they eat organic, natural and as clean as possible.

      Have you tried any other diets? GAPS? SCD? BODY ECOLOGY DIET?

      As far as supplements Alex did amazing on Threelac probiotics, he has a lot of yeast overgrowth so this was a must for us. It killed so much yeast and I could definitely see improvement in his behavior.

      With CEASE: we use bit C (fat soluble and buffered), zinc, fish oil, I used to give him probiotics but now give him Kambucha (part of the GAPS diet) daily which is loaded with probiotics. Alex never really showed a difference with supplements so I couldn’t really say which one truly worked. With homeopathy everything is much more clear and I can tell what works and what doesn’t. I LOVE HOMEOPATHY you could say:)

  4. Amazing blog, just wonderful. So so happy that you discovered Homeopathy, what an amazing account of your son’s journey with CEASE. You’re an inspiration to many and to many Homeopaths to keep doing what we do!

    1. Niamh Hynes thank you so much for your kind words. As I’ve always said, it’s an honor to be able to spread HOPE to my fellow autism parents. I want to be what I needed in those times of desperation, it pain and suffering, I want to tell our story of healing so others can too heal. God has blessed me with an amazingly unique little angel that has changed my world forever. It’s my duty to spread the knowledge and strength his taught me. There’s a reason god chose me and all you out there to be a part of these children’s life, we have to figure out what that reason is and fly with it!

      Keep reading about Alex, it will just keep better and better, in god’s name, amen.

  5. Erica says:

    My beautiful son Diego is only 19 months and three weeks. Almost two months ago he started stimming. For the past week he constantly stims. It breaks my heart to see my baby changing. He hasn’t been officially diagnosed, but I know they soon will. My husband doesn’t see it how I do. He thinks he will eventually grow out of it all. I believed that too…until this past week. He seems like he has ants in his pants. He just can’t keep still for long. My heart is so broken. I have had him on gfcf since March 15th. He got better for a little and I noticed his stools had form and we’re brown instead of yellowish tan. But after a while his stools returned to yellowish brown mush and his stims continued. I have him on super nu thera. I took him off of cod liver oil because it increased the stimming. I also removed DMG for the same reason plus it made him aggressive. Today is day two of a probiotic from our local health store…it is gfcfsf. I also started him on Vitamin D3. His stool have form again and are more brown…however, he is still stimming. He is very sweet and loves to be around my husband and myself. I am just at a loss. I am praying for a divine healing from God. I am in a tough situation because as much as I’d like to do the therapy you did for your son my husband thinks it is too invasive.

    1. Erica, I am so sorry you are going through this, I truly am. In the last 5 years I tried many things to heal Alex. Homeopathy/CEASE has been by far the safest and most healing therapy we could have done for Alex. I am not giving you medical advice at all by saying this, I am just sharing what has worked for us. What I will say is that you need to follow your intuition, see what feels right to you. Alex was vaccine injured and CEASE was the way to reversed the damage caused by vaccines. While the road hasn’t been easy, I’ve never felt Alex was in any danger, trust me I would never do anything I felt was invasive or that didn’t feel right. Alex has made tremendous progress and has healed beautifully thanks to CEASE. I thank god everyday for guiding us this far.

      I hope and pray that you find the best way to help your son, I truly do. May god guide you in the right direction. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your story… I’m trying to build a website for parents of vaccine injured children to come together and share their stories in one place. Would you be interested in participating? I’m hoping that having an army in one place will make it very difficult to ignore all these cases.

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