Full moon, parasites, stimming, what more can happen?

Dear Christ please give me patience because this past week has been draining to say the least. Alex has been reacting to the full moon like I don’t remember him doing in a long time. He’s been super stimmy, jumpy, having a very hard time falling asleep, he’s woken up some nights laughing uncontrollably, it’s been INSANE! The craziness has started a week prior to the full moon for about 3-4 months now. Why? Who knows, I am so confused as to why this problem is back. We’ve been having such a easy time with full moons that having the issues return is no fun. I’ve been giving Alex isotonic a lot more this past few days then I had been doing. It helps calm him somewhat. I’ve been giving garlic drops in his juice and avoiding tortillas and carbs as much as I can but its been brutal. Today I decided to try a coffee enema, yep you read correctly a coffee enema. My heart aches when I see him so out if sorts because of those nasty parasites, he’s been grabbing at his butt and front, jumping and laughing like crazy, so I thought why not give the coffee enema a try. I got on google who has been my college of autism since he was diagnosed. I read article after article about the effectiveness of coffee enemas for colon cleansing and parasite killing. I did my best to not think about the horrible picture this enema thing would be like and I went to work. Alex was such a trooper about all this, by this I’m not saying he enjoyed it but was cooperative. Poor kid has been through so much, I FUCKING HATE AUTISM and what it’s done to him. Even though I hated having to do this to him I loved what happened after, Alex went potty about 10 minutes later and was so much calmer afterwards. Call me crazy but I think whatever came out of him sure made him feel so much better. I’m thinking of coconut/garlic suppositories also which I’m not sure how they will turn out but I think they will help too. I read a little bit about garlic enemas also and thought why not a suppository? It’s faster and less traumatic and hopefully effective.

School: while this craziness happened I am pleasantly surprised that it hasn’t affected his school activities. I’ve been getting great reports from Alex’s aide and teachers. It’s amazing just how smart this kid is, he surprises me and his teachers with his math skills. I have to say I’m so proud of him, he is my pride and joy.

At home remedies: cheledonium 6X nightly has been a must this week. We’ve also put Alex back on helium 1M, it’s been hard to know if it’s helping or not since the full moon is screwing everything up. We’ve had Alex on a certain secret remedy that has been helping with speech a ton. He gets it daily and I’m seeing great results, at school they keep telling me just how much more talking he’s doing. We’ve noticed him reciting books as he walks around the house, today he was reciting parts from “The other monster at the end of this book” Elmo and Grover. It was just a dream come true to hear so many words come out if his mouth:)

Osteopathy: our osteopathy appointments have been going great. Alex does amazing during his adjustments, he is so tired afterwards. He fights the sleepiness until finally he can’t fight anymore, he sleeps like a baby the nights of adjustments. And I’ve noticed he’s calmer the next day as well. We go back on Tuesday as the osteopath wants to see him weekly for now. I’m hoping this adjustments will help heal him further. This past and first adjustments he’s noticed Alex has a lot of trapped heat/hot energy in his head. As he releases this energy Alex gets mad and uncomfortable, it’s so strange. The first adjustment just before he anger came the osteopath warned me about Alex being uncomfortable. Then seconds later Alex grabbed the osteopaths hands away from his head and let out an angry sound. I was amazed and pleased to know the bed energy was out. Last week he still had this hot energy in his head but it wasn’t as dramatic as the first time. I’m so new to osteopathy that I don’t understand it quite well but something inside me tells me it’s working. I’ll keep you posted on what happens this week at our appointment.

New upcoming treatments: a clearing is in our near future, very near. As soon as Sima gets our remedies we will start. What are we clearing? You will soon find out. Also something I’m super excited about is a certain milk we will add to our daily regimen. What kind of milk? Well you’ll soon find out too! This year just like the past 4 we will stop at nothing until Alex is completely healed. The sky is not our limit, there is no limit to what I will do for Alex, mommy is unstoppable when it comes to his recovery!


Full moon, parasites, stimming, what more can happen?

Back to the drawing board: diet, new therapy, god help us!

What a week! I’m so happy it’s almost over and that we’re in a much happier place. Alex had been doing amazing on GAPS But this past week was INSANE! We had everything from bed wetting to rage, screaming, kicking and hitting, so not my Alex. But when you’re detoxing and killing yeast this is exactly what happens. This made me nearly loose it, on one side I had a kid completely out of his mind, while I knew he was getting all the junk out I also knew I hated seeing him That way. He missed school from Monday to Wednesday do to the anger he was exhibiting. There’s no way I’d put him through a full day of school feeling as bad as he did. I kept asking myself “is this the right thing for him? Should I stop GAPS? Should I put him back on gfcf? Should I modify GAPS? YES, modify GAPS! And so I did, I visited a GAPS nutritionist on Wednesday thanks to a local friend of mine who is doing GAPS, she took me along with her to her appointment and let me ask questions. My first question was “can I add the tortillas back pleaseeeeeeee!” And the answer was yes, the only difference now is that I’ll be making his tortillas at home from scratch, not store bought. Tortillas will help me hide many things in Alex’s food so I can keep getting the good nutritious food in without him even knowing. I’ll add the broth in juice, yeah doesn’t that sound yummy. And also I’m to cut down his Kambucha consumption as she felt I may have been giving him too much. I’ll continue cooking everything in animal fats, try adding fermented goods as I go, basically making GAPS more Alex friendly. So long story short, Alex has his tortillas back, the child is Mexican of course he wants tortillas!!!
I have to confess I never thought a tortilla could make a child so happy, never underestimate the POWER OF A TORTILLA!

New therapy: OMG so finally it’s finally here, the day we begin OSTEOPATHY! We have been wanting to do this since the start of this year, as a matter of fact I think since December but our appointment was canceled once, twice, three and four times. Yeah tell me about it, well I figured it’s not quite time for Alex to start this I guess. But thankfully today is the day, I’m picking up Alex from school later and heading straight to the homeopathic clinic where this will take place. I have so much HOPE that this therapy will help him, I have been taking to another mom who raves about it. I pray that I can see amazing gains from it too, I can only hope and pray that it’s just what Alex needs. Please keep Alex and all these new adventures we’re embarking in your prayers. I’ll keep you posted on how our first osteopathy appointment goes.

Happy weekend and healing to all!


Back to the drawing board: diet, new therapy, god help us!

So far, so good.

We are one week I to the GAPS diet and I have to say I’m EXHAUSTED but more so BLESSED to see all the gains Alex has made. He’s been 90% free of stimming which my friends I see it as an AMAZING thing. He’s been so calm, relaxed, just happier and peaceful you could say. The 10% he might flap his arm once or twice from excitement but not as a stimm. At school I’ve gotten all great reports, things like: OMG Alex is doing amazing, he’s transitioned well, he’s given the iPad back without an issue, he is just HAPPIER, words from his aide. This is all music to my ears.

At home things have been great too, he’s following directions, SLEEPING BEAUTIFULLY! After 2+ years of sleep issues it’s so comforting to say “ALEX IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT AGAIN” What did it take? GAPS diet!

New foods: while Alex loves vegetables and meats, he for the most part eats them with tortillas. We are Mexican that’s what we eat ya know. So this tortilla topic has been a difficult one, Alex has been asking for one and well he can’t have one, not according to GAPS. I’ve been googling tortilla recipes that would be GAPS legal (almond flour tortilla) and while I found one Alex HATES IT😦 I’ve tried making it two different ways and it was a NO GO both times. I’m trying a coconut recipe tortilla next and see if that one is to Alex’s liking. I’m trying bone broth later when he comes home from school and all I’m praying for is that the fight to get him to eat it isn’t too bad. We’ve introduced Kambucha yesterday which he’s not fond of just yet but he’s drinking it at least so I’ll take that. We will keep giving him Kambucha and increase daily as we go, hopefully he’ll learn to love it soon. So far so good, lets see what next week brings!




So far, so good.

Our newest venture, GAPS diet!


As many new things I’m going to be doing with Alex diet is one, a major one. I’ve been thinking of what and how to better his current state, by this I mean help him make more progress. So what better way to help him get better than by food, good natural foods. I know someone here had mentioned the GAPS diet to me before. They recommended it for Alex, at the time life was too crazy and busy and Alex was making lots of progress that I felt like “why rock the boat. So today I say IF YOU’RE THIS PLEASE TELL ME MORE!

GAPS DIET: So after thinking about this for a week or two I decided to take the plunge, were doing GAPS! I’ve skipped the intro diet because there’s no way in this planet that I could do such an intense intro diet when Alex is at school 7 hours a day, plus the 2 kids. So I’ve jumped straight to the diet. Alex started the diet on Friday since he didn’t have school, so more potatoes, no more corn which means no tortillas which Alex isn’t happy about, no breads and let me tell you die off was not fun in Saturday. He was pissed, he was mad, he was angry, very angry. Poor fella didn’t feel good, he had the worst smelling gas ever, dear Christ what’s dying in there? YEAST die off sucks for sure, it’d been so long since we had anything like that happen that I have to say I had forgotten all about it. Today was much better but he’s still asking for his rice cakes, pb&j sandwiches and his tortillas. I feel so bad saying no to him but I know it’s what’s best for him so I stay strong. This diet will help him, I know it will, I feel it and I know my intuition is not wrong. I’ve learned to listen to my intuition, it’s lead me this far, can’t stop listening to it now no matter how hard it may get.

Shopping this weekend: as many doing GAPS know there’s a lot that goes into this diet, lots of things I never imagined not knew excited. For example things in my shopping list this weekend were:
• duck fat, coconut oil
• chicken and beef livers
• ground buffalo
• ground beef
• fish
• avocado, kale, cilantro, 3 different types of lettuce, cabbage, fruits, all organic of course
• almond and coconut flour for muffins and breads I want to make him.
• bananas and eggs for banana pancakes. This pancakes are made with only banana and eggs, you mash the banana or blend it in a food processor with the eggs and walla you have the mix. One egg to one banana, no flour of any kind needed. But be aware, make this pancakes tiny as flipping them can/is tricky. No syrup needed as the banana gives them a super sweet yummy taste.

I have to say grocery shopping will never be the same again. We’re so serious about this diet that the sky will not be the limit, to infinity and beyond as buzz light year would say.

Plans for this week: Learning how to make Kambucha, juicing, fermenting veggies and anything and everything fermentable! Alex will heal no doubt about it.
Next Monday we start another therapy I’m super excited about, o yeah and a clearing soon, very, very soon. I’ll tell you all about it next week. Keep Alex in your thoughts and prayers and if you have any yummy GAPS RECIPES or GAPS advice please send it our way:)


Our newest venture, GAPS diet!

This year is off to a great start!

While last week was a bit hectic due to Santi and I being sick I have to say we’ve had a great past few days. Santi is back to his cute healthy self again and well, I’m still a bit congested but on my feet which is more than I can ask for. Being a mother of 3 gives me no chance to be sick and in bed, it’s a luxury I can not afford.

School: this week has been, well very interesting since Alex hasn’t been to school all week. On Monday since he was awake during the night (don’t ask, why) he woke up late and felt warm to the touch, had a bit of congestion, and asked very politely to stay home. I was so exhausted that I happily agreed with him and we both went back to bed. All day he seemed somewhat down, very little appetite, just not himself. Tuesday night he slept all the way through the night and in the morning would t get up. He stayed in bed till 10am and again he didn’t look ok, I guess he caught whatever me and Santi had. At about 11am he asked to go see his old teacher and as we all know of Alex talks Alex’s wishes are granted. I called his old school and set up a time to come by. Alex was so happy to see his old speech therapist and teacher, it was great seeing their faces as they heard him speak! When he left their school he had a few words but lots of them were hard to understand, now he has many more and they are super clear. They loved hearing him read to them, talk to them, say their names, it was a moment to remember for sure. And did I mention Alex has a new look? Well they loved it! They couldn’t stop talking about how great he looked, how handsome and in style he is. Music to mom’s ears!

New look: once again Alex was super excited about his hair cut, dreams do come true! And this time we went all out and cut it all off. New year, new experiences, new words, new look!

video 1 by the way last time Alex got his haircut this is the same cape the stylist used, Alex remembered and asked her to use the same one! What a memory this kid has!

video 2 here you see Alex saying all done but he means done with the machine and for her to use the blow dryer again. We were so scared he would be scared of it but he wasn’t at all, he kept asking her to use it!



This year is off to a great start!

Another lovely week gone by.

As time goes by I realize more and more how easier things are for us, how much Alex has healed and just how beautiful life can be.

Last weekend/Saturday: we left the house to enjoy the nice sunny day, in our neighborhood sunny days are never taken for granted. Well in our lives nothing is taken for granted. We had lunch at a vegan/mexican restaurant that we all love. We sat outside to enjoy the sun and watch all the people drive by and walk by as that street is filled with people enjoying all the different options summer in Portland has to offer. There’s many shops to choose from, food trucks, ice cream trucks, you name it it’s there. As we ate and enjoyed the scene I noticed Alex was a bit anxious, I had been out all day so I didn’t have a chance to see Alex all morning. As always me and Alex can just look at each other and without words know what’s wrong. As I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine carcinosin came to mind, I knew he needed a re-dose. Luis works so much that it’s hard for him to know when it’s time to dose Alex, he’s Ana amazing dad that works as many hours a week as possible so he’s not as familiar with the re-dose signs. After our lunch we started to walk down the street to see what we could find but it was very evident Alex was not doing good. All the noise, people, cars, all the activity was taking a toll on him. Luis looked at me I looked at him and we both knew it was time to go home and re-dose Alex with carcinosin 1M ASAP.

Sunday: all is happy again, all is well. Yesterday’s dose worked and our happy content boy is back, life is beautiful again, amen.

Our week: Alex had an awesome week, at school, at home, everywhere! School people are just so pleasantly surprised at all his improved, his speech, his behavior, they’re totally impressed and happy to be able to witness it. Alex has been so happy to go to school, his told me about some kids in school, one boy in particular, he tells me on our way there what he will say to teacher Scott, what book he wants to read once there, little by little Alex is expressing himself better and better. At home it’s been super easy also, except the part where I have to get up and cook them food (but that has nothing to do with Alex, it’s more of Santi and me business). Alex wakes up everyday (have I Mentioned his been sleeping through the night for about 3 weeks straight?) walks into my room and greets me with a “good morning mom, wake up”! Music to my ears, couldn’t wake up to anything better. Our days are filled with wonderful little moments, some of my favorites are watching Alex and Julie playing together. They’ve been playing so much lately, it’s something me and Luis have been waiting to see for so long. Every time Alex say thins to us I want to scream of happiness, the feeling I get is indescribable, it’s something wonderful. My heart shivers, I want to cry, I want to scream, I smile inside and out, my heart heals with every word he says, it’s as if all the broken pieces to my heart slowly go back together with every word. Luis’s face lights up when he hears Alex talk, even though Luis doesn’t say much for moments like these a look says more than a million words. Alex’s voice has brought so much happiness to our lives, it’s the miracle we’ve been praying for.

Friday/today: this morning I asked the kids if they wanted to go have lunch with daddy, they both jumped up and said “yes”. The kids were both so happy to see Luis, they love going to his work to see him. We had a great peaceful and happy lunch, couldn’t have asked for a better time. As we drive Luis back to work me and Luis talked and in the background we heard something amazing. We turned off the radio and enjoyed the words coming out of Alex’s mouth. He was reading OUT LOUD to his “3 little pigs” book. He read and read, me and Luis lived that moment as it was one of the best of our lives. Again Luis doesn’t say much but just by looking at his face as Alex read he needed to say not one word, his smile and face did the talking. Alex I sure hope you know how happy you make us, you have the power to make our life amazing!

Funny moment of the week: during one of Alex’s ABA session this week this happened. This is the text his therapist sent me:
Gave Alex written direction:” draw a happy face, color face red.” he drew a happy face got the red crayon then tried to color his OWN face red lol…. Too funny.

Another lovely week gone by.

Dtap clear all finished!

This post has been one I’ve been waiting anxiously to be able to type for quite a few weeks now. The exhaustion of pregnancy is getting to me more and more everyday. This week is #34 and that means we’re 5 weeks away from meeting Santi, which also means I’m a lot more tired. The dtap clear while it brought tremendous progress it also was hard to manage and deal with at times, specially the 1M potency. Being able to say we’re done is great, now what’s next?

Carcinosin 200C: me and Sima have been talking a lot about what the plan would be after dtap clear was over. And in one of our conversation, email to be exact I mentioned things about Alex that brought us both to the same remedy: carcinosin, She mentioned that the things I was describing were a carcinosin symptom picture. I instantly said, really? Well now that you mention it I have tried carcinosin with Alex before, I sent her all the information I had on Alex and carcinosin and it was a complete hit! Alex has been on carcinosin for a couple of weeks now, we started on 30C and when that stopped working we moved up to 200C. Alex has been on 200C for about 2 weeks now and is doing awesome. He’s sleeping better, his mood and disposition is awesome, just great results. We will keep him on this nosode as long as we can and as long as its giving us good results. I’m so tired now that starting a clear is totally not an option, I don’t think I’d have the patience, energy or will power to get through it. Carcinosin will have to be it, and maybe when Santi is 1-2 months old we can tackle on a med/clearing, pitocin or Tylenol maybe? For now we will be on a break and let god guide us to our next step.

Chelidomium 6X: this remedy has sure come in handy, so glad I have amazing and knowledgable mommas in my life who help me figure things out. According to Chinese medicine waking up at about 3-4am is liver related, this was the time Alex used to wake up at for almost a whole year. I spoke to Sima regarding this and she put Alex on chelidomium 6X nightly. We choose to dose at night because of the sleep issues and I’m so happy to report that it’s worked. Alex’s sleep has been a lot better, he still wakes up some nights but most of this nights he jumps into bed with us and falls asleep within minutes. Sure beats staying up for hours!!!

I have to say life is good, very good at this moment. Alex is talking more and more everyday, he’s reading and writing his name, his communicating with us just like we’ve been praying for. We’re very blessed to have all our prayers answered, we are so much closer to a full recovery that it’s a matter of time before we are autism free. I will keep updating the blog weekly and sharing more great moments in Alexs recovery and our busy fun life. Hoping all our kiddos keep making progress and healing, keep going mommas, it’s the only way we will get out kids back. Sending lots of healing thoughts YOUR WAY!


Dtap clear all finished!